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How does UK Station code Finder work?

Station code search has become easier due to UK station code finder provided by This railway codes locator has all the railway station codes fed into its memory. When you intend to know the station code of a specific railway station, this UK station code locator will come to your aid. Just select the alphabet and the station name from search box provided above and you will get the railway code for respective railway station within a fraction of a second. Similarly, if you already have the station code and you want to know the name of the station, you can simply enter the railway code in the search code option provided above and you will get the respective station name details. Use UK station code finder and get railway station codes easily.

Need of Station codes

The British Railways is one of the oldest in the world, with thousands of stations across the country. It is a very tedious task to identify a station just by using its name because a particular city or town might have more than one railway stations. Therefore, having the station code beforehand can save time and ensure hassle free journey. These three letter railway station codes are useful for multiple reasons. One can use these UK station codes when using national rail and rail ticket selling websites as these station codes are easy to remember and less ambiguous than full station names. These railway codes were intended to improve the framework for station access so that travel in UK can be planned much quicker using these railway station codes. UK railway codes of can be also used with the Train Tracker Text service, for journey planner as for station Information services.

What are UK station codes?

UK Station codes are three letter codes used in British Railways. Station names are often long and difficult to remember. Therefore, all stations of UK are assigned with railway station codes. These station codes can be really helpful for travelers and traders for day to day travel purposes. One can use these railway station codes for reservation and for identifying stations.

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