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Station Code: CTT
Station Name: Church Stretton

How to get CTT station code from station code locator?

It is very easy to obtain the CTT station code using the station code finder given by You just need to type the name of the station i.e. Church Stretton in the search box and you will be provided with accurate CTT station code within fraction of a second. Here you wanted to know the station code CTT for Church Stretton. Similar to this, one can find the railway station codes for railway stations of UK.

Station code CTT for UK

Station code CTT is the railway station code for Church Stretton, UK. The station finder by provides the station code for each and every railway station in UK. It is a very tedious task to remember the stations just by name. Therefore, a station code is provided for each station to make the identification easier. Once you know the station code CTT for Church Stretton, you can easily do reservation or you can use this code while using railway ticket booking websites. Similar to station code CTT, you can find any railway station code in UK, without login or payment procedures.

Need of CTT station code in UK

Railway network of UK is huge and complex, with thousands of railway station across the country. Travelers and traders need to travel by railways on regular basis. It is a very tedious task to remember the station by its name, for ticket booking or for reservation purpose. Hence, the three codes i.e. station codes are provided for every railway station of UK. For example, it is easier to use CTT station code, than using the full station name Church Stretton. These three letter station codes are preferred over full station names as they easy to remember and less ambiguous.

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