Railway Station Codes of India

India Station Code List


What are station codes?

A station code is an abbreviation used for the railway stations. Railway station codes are assigned to each station of India. It is a sequence of letters that are 3 to 5 characters long and is used for identifying a particular station. Station names can often be long and it becomes difficult to remember or identify them since one city or village might have multiple railway stations. That's how the term railway codes came into picture. The station code can be used for berth reservation or for identifying the station. www.railwaystationcodes.com provides you with all the information about railway station codes of India

How does Station Code Finder work?

Station Code Finder is a tool from www.railwaystationcodes.com that helps you find the station code of a particular railway station. This railway code locator has all the station codes fed into its memory. Whenever you need to know the station code of a particular station, this tool will come to your aid. All you need to do is enter the name of Zone, Division and Station Name and this station finder tool will give you the station code within few seconds. If you already have the railway station code but you need the station name, on simply typing the station code, you will get the respective station name. Station code finder will help you in making your journey hassle free.

Need of Railway Station Codes

India railways are one of the largest networks of rails and there are more than 8847 stations across the country. It's next to impossible to remember or recall the railway station codes of each and every station. Railway Station codes can be of great help to frequent travelers like businessmen, traders etc. as it makes booking of tickets easier for them. When you know the station code in advance, you can do booking faster as you don't need to waste time searching codes online.

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